Padma Ravikanth, sharing weight loss experience at LivLife

Patient after weight loss surgery

Hi Friends,

My Name is Padma living in Nizamabad Telangana Dt 170 kms away from Hyderabad. I take this wonderful opportunity to share my incredible, remarkable, Fantastic experiences, results of my health post my Bariatric Surgery. I take great pride in sharing my views about Dr Nanda Kishore of LivLife Hospitals who gave a REBIRTH I should say, to me since I had been suffering from various disorders prior to my visit to Livlife mainly 35 yrs of Diabetes. Hypertension, unimaginable sleep Apnea, Arthritis so on & so forth. No second thought my Husband & myself landed up in LivLlife Hospitals. One fine morning, got to know all the details about Bariatric, without any further delay got myself operated and that’s it. WOW what an experience! My Personal opinion or rather my personal experience with Dr Nanda Kishore has been extraordinary. I have no much words to explain but to say He according to me is next to THE ALMIGHTY.

Dr Nanda Kishore is a very practical, transparent human being who made everything clear to me before I could take this decision. He did not give me any false promises, nor did he misguide me, but put everything across the table crystal clear which made my life easy. After undergoing the surgery one great miracle that happened is my diabetes. A person who has been a chronic diabetic for 35 yrs & who has been taking 3 Pokes every single day ( I am Talking about the Insulin Dosage) has completely stopped Insulin. My sugar levels which were not less than 350 to 400 at any given time when checked has come down less than 180 at any given time. This is a remarkable achievement. Here I would like to mention that Dr had advised me that diabetes might be reduced to 80 to 85%, and may not be taken off completely. This was something that really made me feel very confident about Dr, but here I want to share with everyone that It has definitely reduced more than what Dr had mentioned. Apart from that my hypertension, sleep apnea which was intolerable has completely vanished. I really do not know as to what Magic Wand Dr had with him when he got me operated. There has been a Great improvement in my Arthritis, Overall I am looking Great. Feeling Very Good, what more is required in life. This has been made possible only by Dr Nanda Kishore. I would like to make a special mention here that Dr Deepti who has been associated with Dr Nanda Kishore has also been a wonderful Human Being More Than being a Professional Doctor who helped me in achieving my purpose of my visit to Live Life Hospital Hyderabad.

I can write many things about LivLlife & the Staff members who have been ( They are still) wonderful human beings, because every single person there has a Wonderful Human touch, makes anyone who visits there feel more homely & warm. Above everything the Ambience of the Hospital is definitely I should say is like HEAVEN We must have read in stories, or must have seen in movies as to how Heaven is but I would say LIV LIFE HOSPITAL in Hyderabad is a REAL HEAVEN one can experience if they get an opportunity to visit. Thanks & full appreciation to Mrs Ratna Kaza who is the woman behind this. Great Stuff.!

Finally I would like to mention that awareness about Bariatric is a must, & again we should be able to believe that things can be set right once we are in the right Hands like Dr Nanda Kishore. One should believe themselves to make this happen & it has happened for me. I am 60yrs of age, I now feel I am just 35 to 40yrs I am being very honest here. I also would like to take this wonderful opportunity to Thank my Husband Profusely for making this happen to me. He is THE MAN behind my success story.

Thanks a Ton Dr Nanda Kishore & his Entire Crew of LIVLIFE Hospital for having given a REBIRTH to me.
Anyone who wishes to contact me can please do so on my Mob no 9989048800

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