LivLife Hospitals offers cosmetic treatments performed by renowned Aesthetic and dermatologist (Skin Specialist). LivLife is supported by a latest and proven Skin Laser technology for many needs and Dermatological Unit treating a broad spectrum of conditions from clinical to cosmetic dermatology.Our work focuses on innovative protocols for all grades of acne and acne scar revision and non-Invasive Lipoplasty treatments, in a clean, safe, professional and comfortable setting. We have invested in latest equipment that provides the desired treatment results with minimal pain / discomfort. Our internationally trained skin care specialists offer a variety of treatments like, pigmentation treatments, individualised chemical peeling, hair removal, mesotherapy, micro dermabrasion, and also effective microsurgical treatment for many common conditions including hair transplantation, scar and mole removal etc.

We are committed to the personal touch, and are readily available to answer your questions, whether prior to or after your Clinical procedure.

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