Pain Management

Pain must be controlled and not endured.

LivLife Hospitals provides relief of chronic intractable pain anywhere in the body including Cancer pain in a multidisciplinary approach with various interventional pain management procedures without surgery.

Our specialist offer procedures like:

  1. Head and Neck Area:
    All types of headaches including Migraine with sphenopalatine ganglion blocks, Trigeminalnneralgia and a typical facial pain with trigeminal nerve blocks, CRPS (RSD& Causalgia ) of the upper extremities with satellite ganglion blocks.
  2. Chest –Thoracic-Area:
    Shoulder pain including frozen Shoulder with appropriate joint Manipulation. Intercostals Neuralgia with intercostals nerve blocks, Chest pain of non cardiac origin with epidural blocks.
  3. Abdomen and Pelvic Area:
    Upper abdominal pain including pain from chronic pancreatitis celiac plexus blocks Lower abdominal & pelvic pain with hypo gastric plexus blocks. Perinea pain with ganglion of impart blocks.
  4. Spine Neck And Back Area:
    Neck and Back Pain of discogenic origin (Spondylosis degenerative disc disease, disk bulging –slipped disk, protrusion on extrusion, annular tear in the disk), spinal & neuro foraminal stenosis, spondy lolisthesis with appropriate epidural blocks. Neck & Back pain of facet joint origin with sacroiliac joint injection. Acute Herpes Zoster (Shingles) and post herpetic neuralgia with appropriate epidural blocks.
  5. Upper &Lower Extremities :
    Post Amputation Stump Pain and phantom Limb Pain with epidural blocks .CRPS (RSD&Causalgia) of Lower extremities with lumber sympathetic blocks. Pain of any joint including Rheumatoid arthritis treated with various interventional blocks and manipulation of the joints to relive pain &improve the range of motion of the involved joints.
  6. Advanced Interventional Pain Management Procedures for more complex pain syndromes
    Failed Back Surgery Syndrome with percutanious epidurolysis fluoroscopic guidance or under direct epiduroscopy without any more surgeries. Discography, IDET (Intradiscal Electro thermal Therapy)Radio Frequency Lesioning, Cryoanalgesia,Neuro modulation,spinal & peripheral nerve stimulations ,Intramuscular stimulation ,Myoneurolysis with botox.Intrathecal implantable devices for more complex pain syndromes.
  7. We also provide the following services that not only relieve pains but also improve functional capacity, improved nutrition to reduce weight & psychological counselling & a psychologist improve overall health
    – Physiotherapy
    – Message therapy
    – Balanced nutrition.
  8. What is new in Pain Management:
    Stem Cell therapyIndications for stem cell transplantation in pain management
    I.DDD or any painful discs of the spine in neck & back
    II. Joint artistes not responsive to conventional therapies
    III. Chronics tenders & ligament injuries.
    IV. Injuries or damages to nerves & nervous tissue; narumimar delayed union of
    V. Direct Implementation of germs cells during bio-surgery procedures
  9. Other indicates :
    I. Muscular dystrophies: DMD, BMD, LGMD
    II. Motor Neuron disease (MND)/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ( AlS)
    III. Spiral Muscular Atrophy (Smt TYPE 2)
    IV. DM Type IR2
    V. Regeneration & diseased or damaged organs like kidney ,heart, liver
    VI. Anti-aging