Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery department at LivLife Hospitals aims to provides aesthetic and reconstructive procedures that enhance the lives of our patients. Our goal is to provide superior support to our patients to achieve a natural look.

When it comes to Plastic Surgery, experience matters. It takes an experienced surgeon to interpret patient’s desires into successful outcomes. Our renowned surgeons have a track record of supporting many patients in improving and restoring their look and become confident with their bodies.

We perform a wide array of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures including:


Breast augmentation procedures increase the breast size, fullness and projection through the placement of breast implants or fat transfer.
Fat Transfer uses patient’s own fat from other parts of the body and transferred into the breast for increasing size and fullness. This procedure of augmentation is carried out in two stages- liposuction and fat transfer. Know to be a very safe method of augmentation; our patients have experienced desired results with this procedure.

This is suitable for women who have experienced decreased breast volume due to lifestyle changes or pregnancy. A breast implant procedure also helps in cases of breast asymmetry or breast reconstruction. Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty and breast enhancement.

Breats Lifts, also known as Mastopexy, helps in correction of breast sagging, reduces overly large areolae (pigmented skin around the nipples), elevates the nipples and removes any looseness in skin. Women who have droopy breasts may seek a breast lift. Breast lift surgery can be combines with breast augmentation for adding volume and roundness.

Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction involves resizing the volume of breasts to a smaller cup size. This is advised to women experience address physical discomfort, self consciousness, and suffering from associates health issues and symptoms.


Tummy Tuck
A flat stomach is the most desirable in men and women alike. In a tummy tuck, excess skin and fatty tissue from the front of the abdomen is removed to create a flat belly. This surgery is popular among women who have had multiple pregnancies, people who have experienced weight loss or simply unable to tighten the skin around the abdomen through other methods. A tummy tuck is also known as an abdominoplasty.

Liposuction: Lipoplasty or Liposuction is removal of fat using suction process. This procedure is used as a body contouring tool. Liposuction is suitable for individuals who have pockets of fat in certain parts of their body that may cause them to look out of shape. Liposuction is ideal where exercise and dieting are unable to give desired effect.

It is extremely important to understand that Liposuction is fat removal from body and is not to be used or substituted for overall weight loss procedures. Excess removal of fat can be detrimental to the patient. .


Rhinoplasty can change your look. Done for medical condition such as nasal blocks etc, Rhinoplasty can free breathing difficulties and male it more comfortable.

Change in the shape of the nose or of just a small part can make a lot of difference on how a person looks. While Nasal surgery is perhaps the most common surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons, it takes a skilled surgeon with the right technique to achieve excellent results.

Face Lifts:

Face and neck lifts are scientific methods of restoring youthfulness to the face. The fibrous tissue between the skin and the facial muscles weaken over a period of time, causing the skin to sag and give a droopy and sagging effect. Face and neck Lifts tighten the tissue and create a youthful profile.

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