Hormone Clinic

Hormone Clinic

LivLife hospitals proudly announces the launch of “Hormone Clinic” to provide Endocrine and Diabetes services.

Hormone Disorders and Diseases:

Many hormone related problems are often missed or misdiagnosed in developing countries, examples are Hormonal diseases like Pituitary diseases, Adrenal diseases etc. For instance, Prolactin hormone if present in excess can lead to menstrual problems, thinning of the bones, Fertility issues etc. This can be easily missed due to lack of awareness. Similarly, many health problems do arise due to prolonged / inappropriate usage of steroids or abrupt discontinuation of Corticosteroid Hormones due to ignorance.

Hormonal disorders can range right from common conditions such as Thyroid problems, Diabetes to complex conditions like Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Turner’s syndrome and Klinefelter’s Syndrome etc. Calcium and Bone problems like Osteoporosis, Vitamin D deficiency, Osteomalacia, Parathyroid diseases need specialist Endocrinologist care. Water imbalance and Sodium salt problems could be hormone related.

LivLife Hospitals offers a broad range of evidence based specialist services that help in treatment of various Hormone disorders.

Diabetes can cause irreparable damage to your body, if not properly controlled. At LivLife, our treatment plans for Diabetes including standard Diabetes care to more advanced Insulin Pump, Continuous Glucose monitoring. Along with the support of other specialities like Bariatric Surgery we provide Endocrine expertise for complex hormonal and Glucose balance problems associated with Obesity.

One of the widely affected Hormone problems is related to Thyroid. Hypo and Hyper thyroid issues can plague normal life. Carefully monitored treatment plan is crucial in managing Thyroid on long term.

Adolescent and Growth related issues in children can scar them for life. At LivLife we address growth related health issues including Short Stature or stunted growth and Gigantism, Puberty-related problems such as delayed Puberty and Premature Puberty, Irregular menstrual cycles, excessive facial hair in girls and many more. The multi-disciplinary approach with our counsellor helps the child achieve recovery faster and without affecting their natural growth.

For women, Pregnancy is a major milestone in their lives. Endocrine disorders like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can lead to Infertility and requires intervention by endocrinologist along with an Infertility specialist. In many cases, pregnancy is fraught with anxiety and multiple complications in many women. Our Hormone team deals with Antenatal problems such as Gestational Diabetes and Thyroid related problems which need meticulous management during pregnancy. We also have the expertise to support IVF related health protocols.

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