Obesity Stay West!!

In this day and age, Obesity is fast becoming a common word. Thus it may not come as a surprising fact that it is a rising epidemic proportions in India. Apparently 5% of the country’s population is affected by morbid obesity. It hasn’t reached the terrible proportions of the other developed countries but is well on its way. Unhealthy, junk food is today the easy option for many than it was a few decades ago, further fuelling the number of obese/overweight people.

This alarming piece of information is based on the data from the 2007 National Family Health Survey, below is the percentage of people who are overweight or obese in Andhra Pradesh:

State Male % Male Rank Female % Female Rank
Andhra Pradesh 17.6 5 22.7 10

*The rank suggests the standing in comparison to the male and female obese/overweight percentage in each of the states.

The data clearly shows that Andhra Pradesh’s position on the Indian map doesn’t look great in terms of the percentage of obese and overweight people.

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Not all weight gain and excess weight can be conquered with exercise and diet therapy. Many conditions like hormonal imbalance, hereditary conditions, poor diet choices and lack of physical activity over a long period, are responsible for weight gain.

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