Laser Treatment for Piles- Painless and Effective

Laser Treatment for Piles- Painless and Effective

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a common problem seen in many people. It occurs due to constipation i.e. passage of hard stool. Westernised diets, long hours of sitting, lack of exercise, low intake of water and fiber, all contribute to constipation. This causes swelling of normally present blood vessels in the rectum, thus forming piles. Piles gradually start giving pain and bleeding while passing stool.

Traditionally the treatment of piles is medications to soften stool, increased fiber intake and local ointments etc. When these don’t work, a surgery known as haemorrhoidectomy i.e. removal of these dilated mass is done. This is a painful surgery and requires few days of pain medications and rest from work.

Laser Treatment for Piles is a painless procedure

However, application of LASER for treatment for piles has revolutionised piles surgery. Laser treatment is done in which the dilated blood vessels are closed (coagulated) using Laser energy. This is a painless procedure with minimal bleeding and patients are extremely comfortable. They are even discharged on the same day and can walk and do all usual daily activities. LASER treatment for piles thus ensures a painless and quick recovery for the patient with minimal discomfort.

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LASER treatment for piles has found application in many different fields of medicine. In every case, it has simplified treatment with better results than usual conventional treatments. So, now on, people don’t have to worry about days of pain after surgery and suffer silently from the fear of surgery itself. Get operated in the morning, walk home pain-free in the evening.

Dr. Deepti Thakkar, MBBS,DNB,FIBC

Dr. Deepti Thakkar is a General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. After completing her Surgical training in Bombay, she is practising at Livlife Hospitals, Hyderabad since past 5 years. She has expertise in dealing with all types of General and Laparoscopic Surgeries. She especially is involved in helping women suffering from anorectal and breast problems which they are hesitant to approach male surgeons for. She regularly contributes educational blogs and videos on Livlife website to create health awareness. She is also actively involved in clinical research and has presented talks and lectures at various national and international conferences. She has special interest and expertise in treating Complex Hernias and Bariatric Surgery

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