Hyderabad: Ranks No.1 for most Obese cases

A recent study shows that at least 17% of adults in Hyderabad are obese and are likely to become diabetic at a later stage, the highest among all the metros in the country.

 Two separate studies, including the one carried out by National Institute of Nutrition, said at least 15% schoolchildren in Hyderabad are obese, mainly due to consumption of junk food, and almost 85% of such kids were likely to grow up to become obese men and women.

Sedentary jobs, mushrooming fast food outlets and declining interest towards home-cooked food and no physical activity are all major contributors to the high incidence of obesity in the city. Obese patients face the risk of acquiring non communicable diseases like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, osteoarthritis, multiple cancers, sleep disorders and many others, apart from that many suffer from low self esteem and lack of confidence.

Obesity is a silent killer and nationwide 12 crores of Indians are reeling under obesity and related problems.

Many health experts say that obesity in kids needs to be immediately checked because 85% of obese kids grow up to become obese adults. The lack of balanced nutrition and lack of physical activity causes children to suffer from obesity. It is important for adults to think about the health of children before they let them indulge. It is important that schools make it a compulsion for every student to have adequate physical activity and balanced diet along with education 

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