Let’s Blow A Balloon!!!

Gastric Balloon Surgery for Weight loss

10 years ago if someone said that a balloon can help you lose weight, you’d think that they’re crazy. But, as we now know, in fact, it’s true! Balloons for weight loss are a reality. Medical science has been able to design a simple, nonsurgical technique to achieve weight loss.

Today, this is what we say…

You come, get a balloon placed in your tummy under 15 minutes and leave after 2 hours. 

The balloon makes your brain think that your stomach is full.

Quite naturally, you also do a bit of healthy diet and some exercise.

You lose substantial weight and come back after 6 months or a year for removal of the balloon and again walk out of the hospital after an hour. It is as simple as that!
Who would have thought that a simple balloon can take care of those hunger pangs?

Gastric balloons are safe and simple options for weight loss in people with moderate obesity and/or those who wish to avoid any surgical scars (actors, models etc).

Balloons come in small packages that look like baby corns and are inserted via endoscopic technique (camera through the mouth).
After insertion, they are filled with saline and left inside the stomach. They induce early satiety and hence help in weight loss of 15-20kgs over 5-6 months.

Gastric Balloon Surgery

Livlife hospitals in Hyderabad recently presented its study and results of Gastric balloon procedure at an International conference where they showed that Gastric Balloon gave a weight loss of 42% excess weight in their patients.

This is the first such study conducted in India, where 90 patients underwent gastric balloon insertion between and their weight loss and safety was studied.

Gastric balloons are made of silicone, which is safe to be implanted in the body.

So, among all of you, who are struggling with hunger pangs and cravings… Please pay attention!!

A simple balloon can be the answer in helping you fight your excess weight /obesity.

Dr. Deepti Thakkar, MBBS,DNB,FIBC

Dr. Deepti Thakkar is a General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. After completing her Surgical training in Bombay, she is practising at Livlife Hospitals, Hyderabad since past 5 years. She has expertise in dealing with all types of General and Laparoscopic Surgeries. She especially is involved in helping women suffering from anorectal and breast problems which they are hesitant to approach male surgeons for. She regularly contributes educational blogs and videos on Livlife website to create health awareness. She is also actively involved in clinical research and has presented talks and lectures at various national and international conferences. She has special interest and expertise in treating Complex Hernias and Bariatric Surgery

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