Breast Diseases and Simple Measures to Keep Your Breast Healthy

Breast Diseases

A woman’s breasts are basically meant for providing nutrition for the newborn infant. For which, the body prepares them during pregnancy.

Every month also, the breasts undergo changes due to the various hormonal changes of the body.

Sometimes the body overproduces some tissue. That’s when young women develop lumps called as fibroadenomas. These are completely harmless and can be removed easily if giving trouble such as if they are painful or multiple or increasing in size.

A lot of women complain of breast pain. This can be quite distressing but is completely benign. Ladies, you need to make some lifestyle changes to take care of this problem.


Firstly, wear well-fitting bras.

It’s surprising how ignorant a lot of women are about this.

Cut down on caffeine and chocolates.

Lose weight: Weight gain is a common cause of periodic breast pain. And there are medications available also for the treatment of cyclical mastalgia or breast pain.

Breast cysts are swellings containing fluid. They are generally seen after age of 30yrs. Most of the time, these cysts are benign i.e. non cancerous. Again, these also can be treated either by removing the fluid or removing the cyst completely by a small surgery.

Yes, breast diseases like breast cancer is on the rise.

In fact it is the most common cancer in Indian women. But it is also the most easily treatable cancer. Nowadays, there are new and effective treatments available for breast cancer. Early breast cancer has almost 80% chance of cure. Unfortunately in India, women are used to ignoring their health and shy away from asking for help.

There are some simple measures that any woman can take to keep their Breast Diseases away.

  1. Regular self breast examination- divide your breast into 4 quarters of a circle and feel each quarter with your hand carefully for any lumps or abnormalities. This should be done once a month.
  2. Mammography- these are special x-rays of the breast which should be done 3 yearly after the age of 40 and yearly after the age of 50.
  3. Get your physical examination done regularly
  4. Breast feeding your child protects you from cancer
  5. So does maintaining your weight. Obesity is a known risk factor for breast cancer
  6. Be aware of anyone in your family developing breast cancer, in which case you might have to get checked a bit more regularly

Breast Diseases are common and easily treatable. Awareness about these common problems is important in early diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Deepti Thakkar, MBBS,DNB,FIBC

Dr. Deepti Thakkar is a General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. After completing her Surgical training in Bombay, she is practising at Livlife Hospitals, Hyderabad since past 5 years. She has expertise in dealing with all types of General and Laparoscopic Surgeries. She especially is involved in helping women suffering from anorectal and breast problems which they are hesitant to approach male surgeons for. She regularly contributes educational blogs and videos on Livlife website to create health awareness. She is also actively involved in clinical research and has presented talks and lectures at various national and international conferences. She has special interest and expertise in treating Complex Hernias and Bariatric Surgery

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