Bottle Gourd Juice Healer or killer

Bottle Gourd Juice

Drinking of bottle gourd juice in the morning on empty stomach is considered a remedy for diabetes, heart disease, hypertriglyceridemia, constipation, liver diseases, urinary problems, depression, etc. by practitioners of Ayurveda and alternate medicine. In this era of rapid media communications, such practices are increasing, fuelled by increasing use of Ayurvedic, complementary or alternate therapies to treat ailments. However, there is lack of standardization in the preparation of such juices and sometimes, especially when the juice is bitter, such medications can become dangerous and life-threatening.

The juice may in certain circumstances turn bitter with increased levels of the cytotoxic compound called Cucurbitacins. If the bitter juice is consumed it causes a toxic reaction in the gut, leading to abdominal discomfort/pain, vomiting, hematemesis, and hypotension which may be rarely fatal, especially in persons with pre-existing illness. There is no known antidote for bottle gourd poisoning.

Bottle Gourd Juice Harmful

The bitterness of vegetables or fruits is due to “Heat Stress” or “Environmental Stress” experienced by plants that produce fruits, vegetables and grains. Some plants produce chemicals that are bitter and toxic because of attack by pests.

Take, for example, Cucumbers, Muskmelons, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Brinjal, green leafy vegetables, etc. These plants naturally produce chemicals called cucurbitacins, which are very bitter and toxic and when taken in large quantities can make a person ill.

So beware of the bitter vegetables and fruits. Discard if the veges or fruits taste bitter.

Dr. Rajya Lakshmi Devi, PhD In Food Science and Nutrition

Dr. Rajya Lakshmi Devi is a Clinical Nutritionist and an Educator since 15 years. She holds a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore; and has done her Masters in Community Health and Nutrition from Andhra University. With a sound academic background and remarkable expertise in the field of nutrition, Dr. Rajya Lakshmi Devi is inclined towards giving nutritional advice for lifestyle disorders like Obesity and Weight Loss. She is also well versed in handling Diet for pre and post op bariatric patients, fat loss, reduce belly/ tummy fat, weight gain, diet in pregnancy and lactation, pediatrics, diabetic diet, hypertension, cardiovascular, renal issues, cancer, sports nutrition, PCOD, and PCOS. Nutritionist at LivlifeHospitals, Hyderabad, she has helped hundreds of patients recover from their lifestyle disorders and inculcated healthy dietary habits. She regularly contributes to Livlife Blog on Nutrition.

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