Bariatric Surgery In India

Of late, the word “bariatrics” has gained much popularity and the surgical aspect of this discipline (Bariatric surgery) assumed greater significance in today’s fast-paced life. Over the years, India has become the most preferred destination for medical tourism and of which weight loss surgery has achieved a significant position. Compared to western countries, obesity surgery is offered widely in India at a very affordable cost. There are multiple types of obesity surgery to meet the needs of patients of all ages, needs and walks of life. It is at the discretion of the operating surgeon and the patient to zero in on appropriate bariatric surgery for the patient.

How much does bariatric surgery cost in India?…there is no black and white answer to this question as different hospitals have different rates based on the location, quality offered and surgeon’s experience. For instance, bariatric surgery cost in Hyderabad, one of the coveted places in India to undergo the surgery, may be much lower to that of Mumbai.

When it comes to weight loss surgery, what makes India different from that of western countries is not only the expertise, but the cost as well. Bariatric surgery cost in India is only one fifth compared to that of USA, UK and Canada. Even among the Asian countries, the cost of bariatric surgery in India is considerably low when compared to the prevailing rates in Japan, China and Thailand.

The cost of medical treatment is spiraling up in western countries, so people from that part of the world find it more and more appealing to come to India for treatment and in which bariatric surgeries are one of most sought-after treatment options.

Indian bariatric surgery centers are well equipped to handle sophisticated bariatric surgeries with world-class expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Some of these centers are accredited as ‘International Center of Excellence’ by SRC, USA. That being the case, it would not be a surprise that patients across the globe choose India as a viable and safe option to go under the knife.
The vital part is the availability of best bariatric surgeons and clinics across metros. With the return of American Board of Surgery certified surgeons like Dr. Nandakishore Dukkipati, to India, bariatric clinics in India follow NIH guidelines and uncompromising quality. Gone are the days when Indians go abroad to get specialised treatment.

Generally there are few types of bariatric surgery.
• Gastric band surgery
• Gastric Sleeve Surgery
• Gastric bypass surgery
• Gastric Mini Bypass
• Gastric Plication
• Intra – gastric Balloon
• Revisional surgeries (Re-do) for failed sleeve, Band, Bypass

The average price of a bariatric surgery package in India is very low compared to western countries like USA, Australia and countries in the Europe, irrespective of the fact that Indian clinics offer world-class standards and affordable packages in bariatric treatment.

If the waistline keeps on burgeoning and the BMI is sky-rocketing, no need to despair, in India high quality bariatric surgery and specialized Bariatric and Metabolic surgeons are available, that too at a cost that does not burn a hole in the patient’s pocket.

Like any medical treatment, one has to choose an obesity surgery center carefully. LivLife Hospitals is one of the best Bariatric hospitals in India (Hyderabad) with boutique concept, offers various weight loss procedures and surgical gastroenetrology at highest standards, international quality and at affordable cost. Livlife Hospitals is the largest chain of specialty Bariatric Surgery centers in Asia.

Dr. Nandakishore Dukkipati, regarded one of the best Metabolic and Bariatric surgeons in India, practices at LivLife hospitals. He is awarded ‘International Surgeon of Excellence’ by Surgical review Corporation, USA. He is fellowship trained in Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery and also Gastro Intestinal & Endocrine surgery from University of Texas, Dallas, USA.

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