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Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair involves laparoscopic reduction of the hernia sac and placement of a mesh. This can be done by two techniques:

  1. Trans Abdominal Preperitoneal(TAPP) repair- This a transperitoneal approach and requires a preperitoneal flap creation.

  2. Total ExtraPeritoneal(TEP) repair- This involves creation of a preperitoneal space using a balloon or similar device. Peritoneum is not breached.


  1. Patient preference

  2. Bilateral hernias

  3. Recurrent hernias

  4. Obstructed or irreducible hernias


  1. Unfit for General Anaesthesia

  2. Multiple abdominal or preperitoneal space surgeries resulting in adhesions

  3. Incarcerated hernia


More cosmetic

Lesser postoperative pain

Short hospital stay

Lower rerecurrence rate in case of recurrent hernias

Single incision for bilateral hernias

Earlier return to routine activities

Types of mesh used: Polypropylene light weight meshes are most commonly used. Polyester or PTFE meshes can also be used. These are fixed with tackers to the abdominal wall.


  1. Bleeding

  2. Seroma formation

  3. Infection: may need mesh removal

  4. Bowel or bladder injury

  5. Recurrence: is between 1-3%

  6. Chronic groin pain: either due to nerve injury by tackers , reaction to mesh

  7. Adhesion of bowel to mesh and fistula formation

  8. Numbness in thigh area

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