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Our Advanced Therapies Include

  • Botox i.e, Wrinkle relaxing treatments

  • Dermal Fillers ( to plump up lines and folds on the face,for rejuvenation of the décolleté and cleavage area, to build volume in lips, cheeks, chin area and for hand rejuvenation)

  • Chemical Peels for facial rejuvenation, pigmentation, scars, pitting, Acne, lines and wrinkles such as Glycolic, lactic, Kojic, mandelic, pyruvic, salicylic, TCA, Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment and personalized combination peels.

  • Dermaroller Therapy (for rejuvenatiing skin, stretch marks, acne scars and pitting)

  • Mesotherapy (For cellulite and fat reduction, face rejuvenation and hair growth)

  • Microdermabrasion or Skin polishing treatments for pigmentation and improving dry dull skin

  • Fractional Co2 Laser treatments for scars, rejuvenation and pigmentary disorders

  • Thermotherapy (Tripolar) – a non-invasive treatments for fat body contouring and fat reduction

  • Advanced diode Laser, for painless hair removal and photo rejuvenation

  • Personalised physician led skin care using cosmeceuticals and sunblocks

  • Rhythmonutrition Programme of weight loss using Protein products

Advanced Therapies - Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Vijayawada

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