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Laparoscopic appendicectomy

Appendicectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world. Appendix is a small wormlike outpouching from the caecum which when inflamed or infected results in symptoms of appendicitis.

Symptoms: Most commonly patients have anorexia, nausea, vomiting, periumbilical pain which later shifts to right lower abdomen, fever etc.

Indications for surgery: If not contraindicated , all patients must undergo surgery to prevent rupture of the appendix and spread of peritonitis.

Contraindications :

Unstable patient

Presence of appendicular lump: requires conservative management and interval appendicectomy after a few weeks

Pregnancy first trimester

Complications: Are seen more commonly in elderly and very young patients.


2. Surgical site wound infection: especially in case of gangrenous or perforated appendix

3.Intra-abdominal abscess: especially in case of gangrenous or perforated appendix

4.Bowel injury

5.Fistula formation

6.incisional hernia

7.stump appendicitis: if a long stump is left behind

Advantages of laparoscopy:

Shorter length of stay

Earlier return of bowel function

Earlier return to routine activity

Lesser incidence of wound infections

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